Last week was a big one for Miranda Lambert and her fans. The 'White Liar' singer announced release dates for not one, but two new projects. Her upcoming solo album, 'Four the Record,' is due out on November 1, while her debut album with new group Pistol Annies will be available on August 23. At WGNA's Countryfest on July 9, Taste of Country had the chance to get even more exciting news out of Lambert: She's planning to release a new single -- the first from 'Four the Record' -- as early as next month.

"We’re still choosing [it], but it should be August by the time it comes out," Lambert tells Taste of Country.

"My part’s done. Now it’s in post-production, a little bit of overdub, backup singing and really, it’s close to being done," she says of the new album's progress.

Lambert's last full-length studio album, 2009's 'Revolution,' debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. Following recent TV appearances on popular shows like 'The Voice' and 'Good Morning America' -- not to mention the media blitz surrounding her marriage to fellow country superstar Blake Shelton -- it's likely that Lambert has another big hit on her hands.

"It’s a lot like the last three records of mine put together," Lambert continues of 'Four the Record.' "But then a whole new twist as well. It pushes the envelope in a lot of ways, and I think that’s what people expect from me."

After first announcing the title of the album, 'Four the Record,' Lambert purposely spelled out the word 'four' to avoid any confusion. When asked about that, she explains the play on words:  "It’s the fourth album of my career, so … I just felt like, every time I was talking about this album, I kept going, ‘We’re writing for the record.’ ‘I’m getting ready for the record.’ I kept saying it. It kept coming out. So [I said], ‘I’ll just name it that.'"

While Lambert's plenty busy readying this release and the Pistol Annies record, she's also got a duet with husband Blake Shelton on his new album, 'Red River Blue,' which is due out on July 12. And according to her, "there’s a lot of special guests" on 'Four the Record,' including Mr. Shelton -- with a writing credit, at the very least.

"I won’t give it away yet!" Lambert teases of the surprise guests that we might hear. "But I collaborated with a lot of friends and a lot of heroes ... I wrote a song with Natalie Hemby and Luke Laird. It’s the first time I’ve gotten a cut with Luke Laird on a record. And I wrote with my husband. I wrote with Pistol Annies."

Hemby co-wrote previous singles 'White Liar' and 'Only Prettier,' while Laird's songwriting credits include Shelton's 'Hillbilly Bone' and Carrie Underwood hits like 'Temporary Home' and 'Undo It.'

Meanwhile, Lambert and her girls from Pistol Annies are having a 'hell' of a time in their own right. Lambert says that their current single, 'Hell on Heels,' came together in about 30 minutes, and that she's loving working with bandmates Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley. It sounds like there's a lot for country fans to look forward to: "Pistol Annies is a creative kind of outlet for me as an artist," she reveals. "It’s a lot different than my music, but it’s still straight ahead, straightforward country music."

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