When there are pesky divorce rumors flying around, sometimes all you can do is make a statement -- with your clothing. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton did just that with matching outfits, proving that they are united in their marriage ... and their attire.

The most recent rumors asserted that the famous couple is headed toward a whopping $100 million divorce. Shelton slammed the claims himself, making fun of how preposterous they are.

He also posted a picture of the country music power couple, showing them dressed in matching camouflage. "Words can not describe how sexy she looks in camo," he captioned the photo, speaking -- of course -- of wife Miranda Lambert.

In reality, both of them look pretty good in their outdoor wear, and it's always good to see stars dressed down and looking comfortable.

Although it's not clear whether they were dressing up for fun, or headed out for a little expedition, one thing is sure: Shelton and Lambert are putting on a unified front -- literally -- and making a statement with camo.

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