Miranda Lambert announced her wedding date with Blake Shelton has been set for May 14, as part of a cover story interview she recently sat down for with Cowboys and Indians magazine. The couple, who have been dating since 2006, will get married at an undisclosed location in Oklahoma.

Lambert told the magazine that Shelton, like any proper old-fashioned country boy, asked her dad for her hand in marriage. "I don’t know how it went, though I presume it went well. But that was really important to me. That goes back to my roots, I guess. I think every man should ask the girl’s dad for her hand."

She also believes getting married to someone in the same business is an advantage. "He’s (Blake) been in the business five years longer than me. And he’s been through everything that I’ve been through, even during the early stages. So he always has some advice or a solution about whatever happens. He’s somebody I can look up to as a mentor, but he’s also somebody I can vent to, because he’s like my other half."

Lambert reveals finding balance is her greatest challenge, explaining, "I think that’s going to be the biggest battle in my life — not only as a wife, but as a person. It’ll be an ongoing challenge to balance a regular life with an entertainer’s life.”

Lambert and Shelton are as normal as any couple could be, considering they are both huge country stars. After last year's CMA Awards she says the duo "just went back to our normal lives in rubber boots," with Shelton burning a pile of brush and Lambert baking chocolate chip cookies.  Sounds good, right?