Miranda Lambert will go to great lengths to help rescue animals. Recently, the country superstar shared her story of helping a pet shelter in her town of Tishomingo, Oklahoma and got very emotional while doing so.

The 30-year-old -- who is joined by her parents in the video -- opens up about when she first fell in love with dogs. Lambert's dad and mom, Rick and Bev, had a yellow lab that started it all.

"He slept under my crib and I think he was the one who started my love of dogs," Lambert shares. Bev chimes in, saying she can't remember her daughter ever not bringing home a little furry friend. Today, the singer has six dogs.

"I feel like they love you for you, you know," Lambert explains of her connection with animals. "That's why I have six."

The 'Automatic' hitmaker got started helping the Tishomingo Animal Shelter when she met with the town's head of animal control. As soon as Lambert saw the shelter, she knew she had to step in.

"I was like, 'What shelter? There is no shelter,'" Lambert says, adding, "It broke my heart. I called my mom crying, and I was like, 'We have to do something in Tishomingo. There's nothing.'"

Lambert knew it would be a challenge, and she -- and her MuttNation Foundation -- would need extra "man power" to help the shelter. Pedigree stepped in and provided workers and food. They've donated over 20 million pounds of food to pups searching for their forever home. These days, the Tishomingo shelter doesn't just have food, it also has a yard, tire tunnels, stairs and lots of love.

"It's all about those dogs in those enclosures that need a home," says the star singer, now crying. "That's what we're doing today, because when I came here, there was nothing."

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