Miranda Lambert is nothing if not resourceful. The singer revealed that, when faced with the unfathomable dilemma of not having any eyeliner in her makeup bag, she came up with an ingenious solution and substitute: a Sharpie marker!

Lambert, who is in the midst of promoting her upcoming album 'Four the Record,' tweeted: "I'm in Denver for a private show. 9th show in 11 days . In all the craziness I forgot my eyeliner so I just used sharpie. #countrygirlremedy."

A girl simply cannot survive without her eyeliner, especially when she is in the public eye and smack dab in the middle of a media blitz.

It seemed like a questionable move, since Sharpie markers have a strong odor and putting the ink near one's eye might be dangerous. But overall, we love the singer's ability to improvise and to come up with her own cosmetic substitute. She's the MacGuyver of the country music scene. Remember: He could disarm missiles with paper clips, so Lambert tore a page out of his think-on-your-feet book! The fine point certainly makes it easy to draw a steady line across the eyelid.

She followed up her initial revelatory tweet by revealing that the trick actually worked and lasted. She posted: "Sharpie eyeliner stayed on! Whew. I am headed to see my husband. Finally!!!! I wonder if he will like my new smokey eye trick?"

Somehow we think Blake Shelton finds his wife gorgeous with or without improvised eyeliner.