Miranda Lambert continues her streak of churning out hit songs, and it's propelling her to the top of the charts, with 'Mama's Broken Heart' giving the sassy singer her fifth No. 1 single.

The reigning and four-time Female Vocalist of the Year has seen much success with her most recent album, 'Four for the Record,' which has garnered four of her five No. 1 hits, as well as Single Record of the Year and Song of the Year. With past wins such as 'Over You' and 'Fastest Girl in Town,' the top country songstress should be extremely proud of the overwhelming response she's received from fans.

"It never get old knowing that people enjoy my music. Thanks for playing it....and buying it....and coming to see it live," Lambert tweeted after it was announced that 'Mama's Broken Heart' went to No. 1. On a slightly hilarious note, her husband, Blake Shelton, excitedly tweeted, "Congratulations to my wife @mirandalambert (incase you didn't know) on her 4th #1 single!!! "Mamas Broken Heart" is #1 b--!!!!" before coming back with a corrected statement, "Make that @mirandalambert's 5th #1 single!!!!!!! #doghouseforthatone."

Lambert has personal experience behind her most recent No. 1 hit, as she said, according to Tulsa World, "The reason I love this song is because it's about how sometimes when you get your heart broken, you kinda go a little bit crazy. You drink too much, you smoke too much, you cut your hair ... you find a rebound. Sometimes your mama, if she's like my mama, has to slap you around and say, 'Straighten up, girl!'"

The sassy singer is currently on her Locked & Reloaded Tour with fellow entertainer Dierks Bentley, and recently performed at the Kentucky Derby Barnstable-Brown Gala. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what the star's next single will be -- and at the rate she's going, could add to her collection of No. 1 hits.