When you're a superstar, your personal life gets pushed into the spotlight almost as much as your career. Mix that with marrying a fellow famous face and you have the life of Miranda Lambert and husband Blake Shelton, whose marriage is constantly being put on blast -- often in a negative life.

In fact, when Lambert's newest single 'Automatic' came out, she had to tackle questions about whether the song was about her relationship with 'The Voice' coach.

"There were rumors that it was about our marriage," she tells People. "That it had become boring and predictable. How do people even think that up?"

But Lambert is actually thankful to be a country singer, as opposed to famous in another avenue, since the genre has so many lasting marriages.

"It's not easy when everyone is trying to tear you down, but you make a commitment and you stick to it," the star explains. "In other parts of the entertainment world, it sometimes seems like marriage is so disposable."

"But country has some enduring marriages -- Johnny and June, George and Nancy, Faith and Tim," Lambert explains. "I'm thankful we have those role models. I feel like our peers are rooting for us. They're holding us up."

Lambert is not just in a happy, loving marriage -- she also just faced a personal milestone. The blonde turned 30 last November and says that with age, she's decided to not always be so rough around the edges; that it's ok to add a little softness and girlie flair.

"That attitude brought me here and got me where I am," says the spitfire. "But that was me in my 20s. The chip on my shoulder is gone."

Miranda Lambert's next studio album, 'Platinum,' streets on June 3.