Miranda Lambert has unveiled a full video to go along with her "Roots and Wings" Ram Trucks commercial.

The longer version of the song and video — which first came out as part of a Ram Trucks marketing campaign — is in response to the overwhelming reaction of fans who loved Lambert's delicate, heartfelt lyrics and the video's down-home setting featuring some of Lambert's real family photos.

“I’ve seen so many positive reactions to the song and the partnership with Ram,” Lambert reveals in a press release. “The song is just so special and personal to me, and it is so amazing what the Ram team did to bring it to life, that I want my fans to see it, too.”

The song played before Lambert's Certified Platinum tour concerts, and people seemed to enjoy it so much that she and Ram decided to create a longer version of the song and video with new, never-before-heard verses.

“I am very inspired by what the Ram brand stands for — being who you are, working hard, staying true to your roots,” Lambert said at the time of the original video's release. “I wanted to write a song that would represent all of those things. ‘Roots and Wings’ is personal to me about where I come from and where I am going. The guys at Ram really made the lyrics come to life with the imagery and I hope it speaks to people the way it does to me.”

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