Miranda Lambert has slowly been giving fans the details of her upcoming album, The Weight of These Wingsbut this surprise might be the biggest yet. The artist revealed on Friday (Oct. 7) that her record will actually be a double album.

A video posted on Instagram shows Lambert reunited with her notebook, writing in black marker the album name and release date (Nov. 18), then two more titles, implying that disc 1 of the record will be titled "The Nerve," with disc 2 called "The Heart."

“Double album, 1 story,” she writes underneath.

A news release confirms the disc titles, adding that Lambert's sixth studio album will include 24 new songs from the artist.

The accomplished singer-songwriter has been going through a lot in her personal life over the last year or more, primarily coping with her divorce from Blake Shelton, so perhaps one album couldn’t hold all the songs she’s written since her last record, Platinum. Fans will be eager to hear her take on the subject, as Shelton has already released a record called If I’m Honest that speaks to the relationship, as well as his new one with Gwen Stefani.

Lambert released her most recent single in July. "Vice" is the lead-off track to The Weight of These Wings. She used Instagram as a platform to share early clues about the single, as well as unveil the album art, which has a folkier, vintage feel and a bit of a melancholy tone. Fans will have to wait until Nov. 18 to find out whether or not the art reflects the new music's style.

"They kept a real tight lid on the project,” "Vice" co-writer Josh Osborne tells Taste of Country. “I wasn’t even 100 percent sure she’d cut this song."

Lambert recently had to cancel the closing dates of her Keeper of the Flame Tour due to mandatory vocal rest.

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