Some of the best moments from the 2017 Grammy Awards didn't make television. Keith Urban shared a moment with Adele. Carrie Underwood had another outfit, and oh yeah, she and Rihanna are BFFs now. Then there was that time Kelsea Ballerini stopped an interview to fan-girl.

These are a few of the best things you missed if you just watched the 2017 Grammys on television on Sunday night. Photographers and videographers in the audience caught one star head banging (kinda) to Metallica and Lady Gaga, and two superstars totally dorking out backstage.

Underwood and Rihanna did seem to hit it off when they were seated next to one another. There are plenty of photos of the unlikely pair laughing or posing together. Without husband Mike Fisher joining her the country superstar was no doubt thankful to have someone to talk to.

Of course, there were dozens of awards given out during a pre-show ceremony, and more than one country artist was brought to tears on Sunday. Did you know Willie Nelson won a Grammy? It's true, as did Dolly Parton and Vince Gill. Enjoy this video of the best moments you didn't see from the 2017 Grammys, then watch our Top 5 televised moments video below and weigh in with your No. 1 in the comments section.

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