Montgomery Gentry only tweak their formula for ‘Headlights,’ their first new single in two years. The rock-country cut from an upcoming album features Eddie Montgomery on vocals and layer upon layer of electric guitars.

Like so many of their best tracks, ‘Headlights’ comes across as anthem. It’s easy to imagine the two men stomping around the stage as they sing:

“Follow those headlights / Down a broken fence line / Take it to the riverside / Follow ‘em through the red dust / Keep it in the tire ruts / If you wanna find us / Wanna go all night, hell yeah that’s right / Follow those headlights.”

Cute girls, trucks and a party down by the river? That sounds like the makings of a bro-country hit, yet somehow MoGent’s new song avoids the label. Production plays as important of a role in this potential hit as Wendell Mobley, Bob DiPiero and Tony Martin’s lyrics. Michael Knox has signed on for the duo’s new album, and he modernizes a sound that was well-known -- perhaps too well-known -- five years ago. He shakes the dust off.

I got a girl in a tee and cut-offs shakin' / Around here we call that summertime naked,” Gentry sings to begin the second verse.

“Got Hank up on 10 / If you can’t hear him …”

The tone of the electric guitar distinguishes the song, but Knox’s most creative work comes at the bridge, when Troy Gentry’s voice is doubled and echoed, plus whatever other tricks studio wizards use to make their elixir. ‘Headlights’ is fist-pumpin’, heart-racing fun, best served with a tall boy and August dirt between your toes.

Why Fans Will Love It: This is a country-rock anthem capable of causing a heart attack.

Key Lyrics "Keep it in the tire ruts / If you wanna find us / Wanna go all night, hell yeah that’s right / Follow those headlights"

Did You Know?: Montgomery Gentry are on Blaster Records, a Cleveland-based record label that has worked with Neal McCoy, Aaron Lewis, Chuck Wicks and Hank Williams, Jr.

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