Morgan Wallen's "Up Down" is the big rowdy anthem the newcomer needs to kickstart his young career. His debut single "The Way I Talk" was a smartly-written introduction, but it's this song that fans will be running to download quickly.

Florida Georgia Line join Wallen for the chorus and second verse, but honestly the song would hold up without them. The East Tennessee native seems to know a thing or two about that lake life and the kind of parties you find in the country.

He also does the impossible and mixes in a little bit of hip-hop flavor. That's not easy. How many singers over the last five years have tried to mix hip-hop and country only to end up with oil on water? Clever uses of the song's title and poetic phrasing hold up the party anthem, keeping it from sounding like so much of what is on the radio. Mostly Wallen just seems to be having fun — something that didn't come across on his debut.

All of that may be complicating the obvious appeal of "Up Down," a song you'll likely get sick of in 2018. It's catchier than Odell Beckham Jr.!

Did You Know?: Wallen didn't ask FGL to cut this song with him. Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard asked to be on it!

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Morgan Wallen's "Up Down" Lyrics:

Was Friday after five, I got here just in time / Went ahead and wet a line 'fore I went and lost my mind / I ain't been here long, but the bobbers in the pond / Going up down, up, down, up, down / Tonight, we're gonna raise a whole lot more than cain / 'Cause there's money in the bank and tomorrow's Saturday / So if they pass that fifth of Jack this way / I turn it up, down, up, down, up, down.

We just holding it down here in BFE / Still rolling around with a burnt CD / Free Bird, five minutes deep / Head bobbing up, down, up, down, up, down / We got what we got, we don't need the rest / Can turn this parking lot into a party / With an ice chest, dancing, cold beer / Man, we live it up, down, up, down / We live it up

Yeah, the girls, they hit the spot, get hotter when it's hot / If you can't buy her a yacht, but still proud of what you got / 'Cause when the day's done, red neck is from the sun / Going up, down, up, down, up, down.

Somebody pass that fifth of Camp this way / I'll turn it up, down, up, down, up, down.

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