It turns out that Luke Bryan shaking it is not the safest bet at one of his concerts. The country hitmaker is likely to include the song in the mix, but another is his most-performed live song.

We tracked down the setlists of 50 country artists to find their most-played songs and learned that the most popular song is not always No. 1. is a great resource for keeping tabs on which songs (and cover songs) an artist has played on tour in any given year, and they also keep stats.

If you guessed "Friends in Low Places" is Garth Brooks' most-played song, you'd be right. But if you figured "Springsteen" is No. 1 for Eric Church, you'd be wrong. Chief's biggest commercial hit doesn't even figure into the top three!

It's up to fans to report which songs an artist played live on any given night, so the data isn't absolute. Television appearances, industry events and private shows are also included, when available. This data is through July 2020, but stretches back as far as the early '70s for artists like Willie Nelson.

Find your favorite artist — and your favorite songs — below. They're listed alphabetically by first name (sorry, Zac Brown Band fans), and in addition to each artist's most-played song, you'll find the runners-up.

See the Most Popular Live Song for 50 Different Country Artists:

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