Move over, boys! Make some space for Natalie Stovall in that clearing that marks the dirt road's end. 'Baby Come on With It' by Stovall and the Drive cooks at a temperature the so-called Bro-Country bands of 2013 may be afraid to experiment with. 

The feisty Tennessee native leads a band as tight as an assembly line. Stovall proves to be a tremendous vocalist by the end of this song. She's no square peg -- think Shania Twain with muddy boots and a can of Skoal in her back pocket.

"Oh, coming on strong with it / I could go all night long with it / Me and you and the dance we do / Ain't nothing wrong with it / Baby, come on, baby, come on with it," the road-tested Stovall shouts to finish each chorus.

The last time around, she really sinks her teeth into it. Electric guitars and fiddles scream as a steady banjo keeps pace with the drummer. Every element provides a burst of fuel, so when she reaches to hit the high notes, she's confident the support will be there to catch her.

"Now, this right here's what I call living / Getting lost in every midnight minute / Just me and you and the coons and the crickets / Baby, come on with it," the second chorus ends, before the band winds back up again.

References to kudzu and Boone's Farm wine color earlier verses, and both are truly underutilized these days. Lost in the group's energy is the songwriting. 'Baby Come on With It' is unlikely to win Song of the Year, but it relies on new elements of a familiar back-country scene. Any honors it does pick up will be courtesy of Stovall's forceful performance and the talented band behind her.

Why Fans Will Love It: If played at high volumes, 'Baby Come on With It' will blow your hat off.

Key Lyrics: "Oh, baby, come on with it / Drink a little drink, sing a little song with it / Show me that wild side down by the fire side / Gimme that shimmy shimmy one more time"

Did You Know?: Stovall has played the White House, appeared on the 'Oprah Winfrey Show' and taken the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. In fact, she was just 12 the first time she played country music's most hallowed venue.

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