Natalie Stovall is currently out on the Three Girls Rock Into a Bar Tour, and she's feeling the girl power with a couple of her good friends. She stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio and opened up about the "rock 'n' roll mentality" they've developed while on the road.

Stovall's been on the road with her band the Drive, and they've been playing a ton of dates. This tour in particular is one that she's been wanting to do for a long time, and it's finally happening.

“We’ve been doing this tour called Three Girls Rock Into a Bar and it is me and Kelleigh Bannen and Ruthie Collins," she says with an excited smile. "So it’s three different artists, but one of the things that’s always kind of difficult to get on the road in the first place with artists is the vehicle and having a band. I’ve got both of those things.”

Her talented band the Drive is playing for each of the artists and getting to really showcase their playing talents, and it's all a dream come true.

“We have a good time. We’ve always wanted to do something like this. It’s like the old school rock ’n' roll mentality when a lot of artists would get together and go out on the road."

Stovall's website has all the tour dates for the Three Girls Rock Into a Bar Tour, and fans can also check out her current EP, Heartbreak.

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