It's about time! On Saturday, August 6, the Oak Ridge Boys were inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. William Lee Golden, Joe Bonsall, Richard Sterban, and Duane Allen were invited to join the prestigious lineup of Opry members by Little Jimmy Dickens. Dickens also greeted the quartet onstage Saturday night, and the 4' 11" country star dressed up as a pint-sized version of Golden, donning a long, fake beard and sunglasses.

After Dickens' funny little intro, the Oak Ridge Boys were greeted by former President George Bush in a special video message. "I cannot think of any group or any person who deserve this honor more," the former U.S. president said (via Country Music Is Love). He explained that he has been a fan of the Oak Ridge Boys since he heard them performing 'Elvira' on the White House lawn. "I ran outside like a little kid," he said, “and I’ve been blessed to call them friends ever since. I think of the Opry and the Oaks both as American icons, beloved from coast to coast and known around the world. I can’t think of a better union. I love you boys, and my best to everyone at the Grand Ole Opry, one of my favorite places in America."

After the kind words from President Bush, ORB member Joe Bonsall said, "We’ve always been a friend of the Opry. We’ve always believed in the Opry and loved and respected every member of this brotherhood and sisterhood of country music." He continued, "We’ve been nervous wrecks all day long because we knew how special this would be. This is a meaningful night, and is it different tonight than it ever has been when we’ve come down here to sing? You bet your life it is!”

Over the years, the Oak Ridge Boys have produced more than 15 No. 1 singles on Billboard's Country Songs chart. They also crossed over to the pop and adult contemporary charts with tracks like 'Elvira' and 'Bobbie Sue.' In addition to their success on the singles charts, the Oak Ridge Boys have also topped the Country Albums charts with 'Fancy Free,' 'Bobbie Sue' and 'Deliver.' Congratulations to the quartet!

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