Taylor Swift has fans in the Oak Ridge Boys.

The country quartet attended Swift's show over the weekend in Arlington, Texas, and, as they shared on Facebook, they were quite impressed with the singer.

"The Oaks were Taylor's guests last night," Duane Allen writes on his Facebook fan page. "Most awesome stadium show I have ever seen!!"

He goes on to explain that after the band finished their own show, they hopped on their bus to head to Swift's Saturday (Oct. 17) show at AT&T Stadium. The now-pop star's family is always hospitable, and her dad, Scott, had a spot sectioned off for the band's bus when they arrived.

"They met us with a golf cart and took us o the lighting booth in the center of the stadium so we could see Taylor's amazing show," Allen continues. "We got to see the last hour of her show, and it was like going to Disneyland ... the show was spectacular!!!"

After the show, Swift and her parents joined the band for a "nice visit." It is safe to say the band now call themselves Swifties.

"I was so impressed that Taylor has remained so classy throughout all of her amazing success," Allen concludes. "May God bless her as she continues her career."

While the Oak Ridge Boys were in attendance at the show, they did not take the stage as Swift's special guest for the evening — that honor was reserved for her good friend Ellie Goulding.

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