Old Dominion are currently spending their summer on the road with Kenny Chesney on his Spread the Love Tour. So what do Chesney fans not know about him? The band filled Taste of Country in on one very unique aspect of his tour.

"They don't see the ice bath," Trevor Rosen reveals. "He has this ice bath at 38 degrees or so. It's pretty therapeutic, but it has become a game of who can get in it and stay in it for a little while. We've tried it out."

The ice bath is just big enough for one person, and several members of Old Dominion have competed to see who can last the longest. The group recently released their new single, "Song for Another Time," which follows previous song "Snapback" and their first No. 1 as a band, "Break Up with Him." According to Old Dominion, "Song for Another Time" features 21 song titles in it.

"A lot of the song titles just fell out," Rosen explains. "It was a lot of fun to write."

Old Dominion performed at the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival over the weekend in New York at Hunter Mountain. Their set included hits like “Break Up With Him,” “Snapback” and their current single. Other songs showcased were from their debut album Meat and Candy, including “Said Nobody” and “Can’t Get You,” as well as a new song called “Not Everything’s About You Anymore.”

“We’ve been experimenting a little bit and making new stuff that we’ve been writing,” Ramsey says. “It always depends how long our set is as to how much new stuff we throw in there … we’ve been trying out some new stuff on the road.”

See Pics of Old Dominion at ToC Fest 2016

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