Parmalee enjoy spending time touring and performing their own monster hits, like the No. 1 hit 'Carolina,' but the country foursome also like playing covers that mean something to them.

Although the quartet are heavily influenced by their North Carolina upbringing, they also are influenced by music they heard growing up. Frontman Matt Thomas says his dad's music choices affect the type of music he plays and loves today -- and, of course, the covers he performs. Each of the Parmalee guys are especially big fans of the 1976 Bob Seger song 'Night Moves.'

“That song because that was just one of the first songs I ever remember my dad singing, and it’s kinda ... I learned how to sing from my dad," Thomas explains to the Boot. "And he was like a Bob Seger and Gregg Allman and Travis Tritt kinda guy, so that’s just one of my favorite songs growing up.

Adds the singer, "That’s in our wheelhouse, that’s kinda our style of singing and playing, so we just love that song and figure it fits us pretty good."

Before Parmalee really started performing and perfecting their own songs, they would play covers. That stuck, because they still love those songs they carry with them today -- including 'Night Moves.'

“I’ll say, too ... a lot of times in our set, before we starting doing our own original stuff, we played a lot of covers for years and years," Josh McSwain, the group's guitarist, shares. "And you know, sometimes we’ll pull out the same stuff over and over, but a lot of times we’ll pull out stuff we haven’t played in years just to see if everybody’s having fun. Like sometimes we’ll pull out some old Allman Brothers stuff, and you just never know!”