The four members of Parmalee admit it's not always smooth sailing when making decisions on their career and music. In fact, sometimes it's flat-out ugly.

During the "Sunday Morning" singers' interview with themselves, the group talk about how they handle big decisions, the most contagious song on their new 27861 album and who (or what) has them beat out for the rights to the Welcome to Parmele, N.C. sign. The spelling may be different, but that's their home town!

27861 is a nod to their home town, the small town of Parmele, N.C., in eastern North Carolina. They all have the zip code tattooed on their body somewhere, they tell Rolling Stone Country. Thus far the two singles have reflected the nostalgia and values of their raising.

Parmalee is brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, their cousin Barry Knox and longtime friend Josh McSwain. When making big decisions in or out of the studio they don't hold back. It can get ugly, they say.

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"We yell and scream and usually everybody kind of spreads out after that," Matt Thomas admits.

"But it does take all four of us," Knox adds. "If there’s one person that don’t agree then it don’t go down."

Watch the full interview to find out why they're not on their hometown sign and who Dierks Bentley awkwardly mistook McSwain for in a bathroom. 27861 drops on July 21, featuring their current single "Sunday Morning" and "Roots."

Yikes! This Parmalee Interview Went Wrong Quickly!

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