Parmalee are releasing a new album on July 21, and the group shared some of their favorite songs from 27861 when they stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio recently.

The group consists of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, their cousin Barry Knox and longtime friend Josh McSwain. All of them hail from Parmale, N.C., and that's what inspired the title of the new album. 27861 is the zip code for their home town, and each of the band members has it tattooed on his body.

Fans have already two of the new songs, "Sunday Morning" and "Roots." 27861 features a lot of diversity.

The Members of Parmalee Interview the Members of Parmalee

"There's so many good ones, there's so many different kinds of songs on this album," the musicians say, pointing to "Hotdamalama" and "A Guy Meets a Girl" as two particular favorites.

"A Guy Meets a Girl" is "a great story song," while "Hotdamalama" features an unusual lyric about a country girl that the group laughingly say might need an interpreter, with its talk of a "Delta donk" and other Southern phrases cropping up throughout.

"It's about a hot girl," they explain, clarifying that a "Delta donk" is a "nice butt."

27861 is set for release via Stoney Creek Records on Friday. For more information about Parmalee, visit their official website, or keep up with the group via Facebook and Twitter.

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