There's nothing like being a musician's girlfriend. Night after night, while your man delivers the tunes to hundreds of screaming girls out on the road, you're stuck at home to hold down the fort. But at a recent show in Louisville, Ky., the girlfriend of Phil Vassar's bass player, Steve Cook, got her moment to shine when he proposed to her onstage.

Cook's proposal was a carefully planned process, and thanks to the rest of the band, his girlfriend was none-the-wiser. Everyone was in on it; the pretty blonde was instructed to bring a glass of wine onto the stage for Vassar to drink, and she was told that was part of the show.

During a poetic pause in 'Last Day of My Life,' she carried the drink to the front of the stage to meet the singer, who then pointed her toward his piano. She slowly made her way to the center of the stage, where she was greeted by Cook, who quickly hit his knee. While it was impossible to hear over all of the screaming, we think it's safe to assume that she said yes.

The pair held one another for a while, and then took to the front of the stage to share a dance while Vassar played out the song. Vassar and his band are on tour through the middle of November, though the 'Let's Get Together' hitmaker is already hard at work on a new album.

Watch Phil Vassar's Bassist Propose

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