It's more than reasonable to say the following while exploring the lyrics of Pistol Annies Interstate Gospel album: "Whoa! Did she just say that?!"

Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley promised an honest album, and they over-delivered exponentially. Listening to the trio's third studio album borders on voyeurism at times, as so many songs spell out the end of some not-specifically-stated high-profile relationship (the wink-winking you hear is certainly intended).

Then there are songs like "Cheyenne" and "Commissary" that leave you wondering what poor soul they're talking about. Interstate Gospel is at its core a dark country album made a little brighter with shots of Southern charm and self-deprecation. It's ironic when Presley sings, "I’ve got the hankering for intellectual emptiness / I’ve got the need to ease my mind / I watch some reruns on the TV set / These are the best years of my life." It's an emotionally exhausting album, and you welcome it again and again.

Few records look as good on paper as they sound on the stereo, but this one does. "When I Was His Wife," "Milkman" and "Masterpiece" are lyrical gems. The Pistol Annies' pain can only be described as generous, because in experiencing their lows, your personal failures and miseries don't seem quite as unbearable.

Here Are 10 Head-Turning Lyrics From Interstate Gospel:

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