A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a man in Texas who stalked Taylor Swift after a recent concert at Austin's Circuit of Americas. Thirty-nine-year-old Frank Andrew Hoover allegedly attempted to corner Swift near her private jet following the show, her only concert of 2016.

According to the Austin-American Statesman, Swift has a lifetime restraining order against Hoover, which was filed in Kansas and demands he not come within 500 feet of her. An affidavit states that Hoover was attempting to get a photograph of Swift at a private hangar at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and came within 25-50 feet of the singer and her family, thus violating the protective order.

As a result, police have filed a warrant for his arrest. Hoover has also been sending Swift's father questionable and threatening emails about his daughter.

"I've placed my life in your hands as you could easily file suit for my violation of the lifetime protective order," Hoover wrote in one message. "Despite the lifetime ban ... I must continue forward as I have no other path in life."

In September, Hoover said that God told him that he and Swift would make the world a more peaceful place: "Without her, I walk the earth alone forever and she'll continue to experience failed relationships that break her heart."

Later, his emails became more threatening as he degraded Swift and her father after the Oct. 22 incident at the airplane hangar. One email included an attached photo of Swift with a red caption that read, "A whore named Satan dies."

If found and convicted, Hoover could spend up to 10 years in prison for violating his restraining order.

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