It's always a party when Blake Shelton is around and the post-CMT Awards Party was no different. James Van Der Beek says that Shelton turned the party into a wild night of karaoke (and he was the coach!).

Van Der Beek says what started as a normal night at a Nashville bar turned into their very own version of 'The Voice' and he was in the spotlight. "I was handing off a drink, a song came on that I'd never heard before and a microphone was handed to me," he explains to People. "Then Blake Shelton was coaching me through it note by note and I was on a table!"

The actor didn't go to the party alone, but his wife, Kimberly, missed all the action. She says her husband joined her at the party and said, "Oh, by the way, I was just drunken karaoke-ing on a table and Blake Shelton was my coach!' I said, 'What? What?'"

A humble Van Der Beek says that he wasn't 'The Voice' winner though. He gives the top prize to Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley. He did his own version of 'This Is How We Do It',' which was a big mid 90s hit for Montell Jordan. "He was amazing!" he says adding, "When country stars karaoke, they don't sing country."

We may even be lucky enough to see Van Der Beek at future CMT Awards. He says he won't pass up a party with country stars from here on out.  "I'm always going to party with country stars from here on out," he says. "They're the most fun!"