When an alternative rocker (Catherine Popper), a jazz troubadour (Sasha Dobson) and Grammy-winning Norah Jones get together to play country music as Puss n Boots, they pull it off swimmingly, as shown in their performance of 'Sex Degrees of Separation,' exclusively for Taste of Country.

The song -- surprisingly tongue-in-cheek and ever so irreverent -- showcases the group's impeccable harmonies and smooth tones. Throughout 'Sex Degrees of Separation,' Dobson's jazz roots shine. Her sultry voice carries the song, and all three women, who are obviously as comfortable onstage as off, are effortless in their performance.

Just as they did in 'GTO,' Popper, Dobson, and Jones prove that their talent can bring any topic to life, whether they're singing about an old car or relationships.

'Sex Degrees of Separation' is from Puss n Boots' album 'No Fools, No Fun' which combines both original and cover songs in its 12-tracks. It's the trio's first album together, but they have been playing together for the past eight years.

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