Randall King's new "Takin' Me a Heartbreak" video is the antidote for every country fan who complains that country music isn't country enough anymore.

King scores big for traditional country music in the video for " Takin' Me a Heartbreak," taking to the stage at one of his concerts to deliver a crowd-pleasing performance that hits on all of the traditional themes of the genre. From his cowboy hat, jeans and boots to the twang in his voice, King proves he's the genuine article as he delivers a heartbreak song that finds him deciding to bow out of the dating scene for a while after one too many painful lessons learned.

"This heart can take a beating / Tough as nails / It's used to being hammered on / But this time it's split in half / It's taking everything I have to be strong / So I'm takin' me a heartbreak," he sings in the powerful chorus.

The West Texas native comes by his country cred honestly. A fourth-generation hay-hauler, he grew up on Keith Whitley, George Strait and Alan Jackson, and he's incorporated those influences into a neo-traditional sound that respects the past while retaining its own originality. King's genuine country voice possesses the kind of natural tear that other country singers try and often fail to emulate, and on "Takin' Me a Heartbreak" he backs it up with an appealing mix of acoustic and electric guitars and pedal steel that would satisfy even the most militant country traditionalist.

"Sometimes you just need to let go, turn your pain loose and move on. And everyone deals with heartache differently," King tells us. "But the heart in this song is used to being broken and beat on, and has figured out the path to healing. Sometimes you just need to take a heartbreak."

The video captures exactly what he was hoping for.

"I love what Zack Morris Media was able to capture in this video. Everything I do, I do with heart," King says. "I wanted to make sure that this video takes emphasis on the hurt you feel when you hear this song, but not only that, see the hurt first hand. We play with a lot of energy and you can see the connection from the music through us direct into our fans. That’s what it’s about. Makings sure they feel what you feel and connecting with them.”

"Takin' Me a Heartbreak" appears on King's self-titled debut album, which he released in August of 2018. For more information, visit his official website, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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