Someone's got his eyes on someone else's girl in 'Steal You Away,' the second single from the Randy Rogers Band's 2010 album 'Burning the Day.' The song follows the album's first single, the Top 50 hit 'Too Late for Goodbye.'

A different version of the song, performed by its songwriters -- Jeff Middleton, Mark Mulch and his brother Nick -- can be heard in the current movie 'Country Strong.' Also, if your first listen makes you wonder what similar-sounding mid-'70s soft rock song is suddenly floating through your head, it's Dave Mason's 'We Just Disagree.'

OK, now that the introductions are over, let's talk about how a song with, let's face it, dishonorable intentions can sound so righteous and romantic. Like the anti-hero in an action movie, Rogers' charismatic voice and sense of purpose bring us right over to his point of view, even as he contemplates violating the No. 1 rule of man-law:

"Girl it drives me crazy / He don't know what he's got / I've been fighting so hard not to cross the line /I should steal you away / I should steal you away / In the middle of the night come take your heart / I should steal you away."

Never works. At best, you'll be the rebound guy, with three or four new enemies. Just wait for love to take its proper course.

Anyway, the Randy Rogers Band, who performed on the 'Tonight Show' with acclaimed hack Jay Leno last week, will be performing all across the southern United States in the next couple of months. And obviously, guys, if you bring a date, keep a close eye on her.

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