Funnyman Ray Stevens has gotten the last laugh when it comes to his controversial animated game, 'The Streak,' which has been reinstated as a downloadable app for iPhones. Apple initially rejected the game inspired by the singer's 1974 No. 1 hit (also titled 'The Streak'), stating the content and graphics of the game were "lewd and lascivious."

"We started developing this thing, modeling it after the original music video," Stevens explains in a press statement. "We got it all packaged up and submitted it to Apple for release, and they wound up rejecting it because its content was deemed inappropriate for those under 17 years of age!"

The iPhone game app depicts the original 1974 "streaker" attempting to outrun police, while gaining followers along the way. The game contains three levels: a grocery store, gas station and gymnasium, all scenes from the original music video.

"They finally reinstated the game for release this week," Stevens says. "I guess someone reviewed it a second time and remembered the original song and video. Thank goodness. I thought I was in big trouble!"

'The Streak' game app is currently available for download for 99 cents by opening the Apple iPhone App Store. For more information on Stevens, including how to purchase his latest album 'Spirit of '76,' visit his official website here.