Reba McEntire's father, 84-year-old Clark McEntire, suffered a stroke a few weeks ago. It was not looking good for him at the time, and Reba wasn't even sure he would make it for her induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame later this year, but Taste of Country is happy to report that he's now taken a turn for the better.

Reba's younger sister, Susie McEntire-Eaton, tells Taste of Country, "Our prayers are really being answered," and that "Daddy is holding his own right now. He is resting and doesn't seem to hurt. We are giving him lots of updates about what is going on with each of us and loading him up with lots of hugs and kisses."

McEntire-Eaton says that he can sit up in his bed now, something he could not have done even days ago. "You know, he's a steer roper and steer ropers carry two loops or two ropes. I looked at him last night and I said, 'Daddy, I think you got a second loop. You missed your first loop but you've got a second loop,' and he grinned at me. He's just had a wonderful sense of humor," she shares.

"You know he's got a lot of medical problems, diabetes and things like that, but his kidneys are looking good, his liver is looking good and he's smiling at us and we're very grateful for that," Reba's sister explains. Their dad suffered no paralysis when he had the stroke.

Just days ago, though, he had his family worried when he was giving signs with his breathing that it may be close to his "going home." But those that had left for some rest rushed back to find that he was doing OK, and has been doing better since. McEntire-Eaton says, "Family is a wonderful concept God has put together in times like this. Reba flew in with her family. We laughed and talked about old times and reminisced about experiences we've had in our life with our daddy and grandpa."

The family has received hundreds of emails and notes from fans. Reba's sister says, "We can really feel every one's prayers and we really appreciate it!"