Country's leading redhead Reba McEntire is back with her first studio album in five years and a fresh energy, which is captured in her "Going Out Like That" video. The song is a single from her twenty-seventh studio album, Love Somebody.

The catchy song tells the story of a young woman going through a difficult breakup, but than staying at home by herself and crying about it, she's going out on the town. In the "Going Out Like That" video, the girl — an attractive, spirited and young brunette —  is having the time of her life. Clips of McEntire singing in blue in one scene, black leather in another are intercut with shots of the young woman getting dressed, going to the bar and dancing and laughing with a handsome new guy.

"He thought she'd be sitting home crying / But she ain't goin' out like that / She's had enough of feeling like dying / She ain't goin' out like that / Everybody, here comes the life of the party, yeah, she is / He might have left her brokenhearted / But she ain't goin', goin' out like that," McEntire sings as the girl lives the lyrics.

"When you listen to thousands of songs trying to find just the right one to record, a really great song jumps out at you," the country icon (and first Nash Icon) shared on her Instagram account in Dec. 2014. "That's exactly what 'Going Out Like That' did to me! It jumped out because it's a great song with up-tempo sassyness! The first time I heard it, a man was singing the demo. When I sang it coming from a female perspective, it became a woman's power anthem!"

It remains a woman's power anthem in the "Going Out Like That" music video. Love Somebody hits shelves April 14.

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