Fans of Reba McEntire's new song 'Somebody's Chelsea' have Hilary Swank and Harry Connick Jr. to thank for it. The actors didn't write the song, but a scene they shared in the movie 'P.S. I Love You' inspired the newest single from McEntire's 'All the Woman I Am' album.

McEntire says she was watching the movie when she got the idea -- specifically, the scene in which Swank's character is describing her late-husband to Connick Jr. 'Holly' is gushing about how great of a man 'Gerry' was when 'Daniel' stands up and walks away, saying he wants to be "somebody's Gerry."

"I thought 'Wow! That's a great line for a song.' So I got up right quick and I went upstairs and I emailed Liz Hengber and I said, 'Here's an idea for a song. I wanna be somebody's … blank,'" Reba explains. Will Robinson also helped McEntire and Hengber pen the song.

"Met an old man yesterday / Next to me on a westbound plane / He said I was married sixty years / I swear it feels like she's still here / Then he took out a picture / Staring at that black and white / The tears filled up in his eyes / I said You were a lucky man / He said I feel like I still am."

"I thought Chelsea would be a good name," McEntire adds. "That's my granddaughter's name."

"I wanna be / Somebody's Chelsea, somebody's world / Somebody's day and night, one and only girl / A part of a love story, that never has an end / You know that's what every woman wants to be / Somebody's Chelsea."

"Because that's the way Hillary Swank felt about her husband. He was this, he was that. And Harry Connick Jr. wanted to find somebody just like that," she says. 'Somebody's Chelsea' is the singer's fourth single from her 'All the Woman I Am' album.