A trio of hit songwriters came together to write the "saddest breakup song," Reba McEntire says. "Whatever Way It Hurts the Least" describes the kind of breakup one hopes to have, if the separation is inevitable.

“It’s sad because these people evidently were so much in love and they still love each other, it’s just that they just can’t live together," McEntire says in this video, exclusive to Taste of Country. Fans get to watch as she studies the lyrics and then records part of her new song from the Target exclusive edition of Love Somebody. "Whatever Way It Hurts the Least" is one of two songs only available when the new album is purchased at that retailer.

“They’re trying to find a way for this breakup to not hurt each other," she continues.

Many of the new songs on Love Somebody can be described as bittersweet. Often an uptempo arrangement cradles a truly heartbreaking story or message from the country legend. Or the opposite is true, and a soft ballad leaves one feeling inspired. On Monday the singer described the song "Love Land" as inspirational, sad and uplifting. The same could be said of the entire album.

Brandy Clark, Josh Osborne and Tommy Lee James wrote "Whatever Way It Hurts the Least." This album — available April 14 — is McEntire's 27th studio album. Taste of Country will have exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the creation of the album all week long.

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