"Love Land" is a understated ballad on Reba McEntire's Love Somebody album. Piano drives the sparse arrangement before the singer opens up with a bittersweet story. McEntire tells Taste of Country the song "just touched my heart."

“It’s a song about a girl making a journey through life,” McEntire says, somewhat underselling the storyline. It begins with a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas, but quickly turns into a tale of heartbreak, and then, the understanding of God's mysterious plan in life.

"It’s an inspirational, sad, uplifting song, all in one song," McEntire says, summarizing the Tom Douglas and Rachel Thibodeau-penned track.

Love Somebody presents a mix of uplifting and heartbreaking stories told by one of country music's finest females. Fans know her single "Going Out Like That" as an empowering statement for anyone looking to bounce back from a bad relationship. Meanwhile, "Enough" is ballad that finds two women tormented by their love of the same man.

"Just Like Them Horses" is the song McEntire recorded with her late father in mind. Watch the video below to see her talking about performing the song at his funeral last October.

This album — available April 14 — is McEntire's 27th. Taste of Country will have exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the creation of the album all week long. Making of the song videos will be mixed with exclusive interviews and more.

Reba Talks About the Song She Sang at Her Father's Funeral 

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