‘American Juniors’ was an ‘American Idol’ spin-off that aired during the summer of 2003, and included celebrity judges like Deborah Gibson, Gladys Knight, Justin Guarini (he was big then) and Dionne Warwick. The 17-episode season whittled down contestants to form a teen-pop supergroup called American Juniors. One of the winners? Oh, just country singer and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale.

In this video, Hale sings the Diana Ross and the Supremes song ‘I’m Gonna Make You Love Me.’ This was the Top 10 episode, and the theme was hits of 1969. Every episode forced the teen singers to reach back to their parents' (or grandparents') library for songs. A Blondie song was about the most contemporary thing Hale sang before she was chosen for the final group a few episodes before the finale.

Don’t remember the group American Juniors? Don't despair. They never really became famous. The album was bumped over a year, and in 2005, they quietly disbanded. Hale has been by far the most successful of the five.

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