From time to time, even the brightest stars in country music fail to see the magic in a song and pass on it, only to watch it become a hit for someone else. More often, a singer turns down a song, knowing it’s not a good fit, as happened with Jake Owen and ‘Big Green Tractor.’ It’s easy to imagine the man who turned down Luke Bryan’s ‘Drunk on You’ singing the song however. Do you know who it was?

Jason Aldean says he liked ‘Drunk on You,’ but was looking for something different the day he heard it, so he shoved it aside.

"When we were looking for songs for this ‘Night Train’ album, my producer and I were flying out to Las Vegas and he was playing me some songs that he had found," Aldean told SiriusXM radio in 2012 (quote via the Dayton Daily News). "I was really in the mindset of trying to find like up tempos and these big, rockin’ sort of songs."

No hard feelings, however.

"I think certain songs like that fall into the right hands for a reason,” he says. "That song was a big song for Luke and may not have even ever been a single for us, so it landed where it was supposed to."

Bryan would join Aldean on the 'Night Train' album, singing 'The Only Way I Know' alongside Eric Church.