Carly Pearce paints a heart-wrenching story of a love that's gone cold in her song "We Don't Fight Anymore" featuring Chris Stapleton. Actress Lucy Hale helps bring that imagery to life in the music video.

The "We Don't Fight Anymore" music video opens with Hale entering the couple's house to find her husband (played by Shiloh Fernandez) sitting in the living room. She removes her shoes and walks to the window, watching a storm roll in. The two barely look at one another before Hale decides to leave the room.

The next scene shows the couple laying down in bed, Hale's back to Fernandez. At one point she reaches back for her lover's embrace, only to be left empty-handed.

Other clips show the couple going about their separate responsibilities the next day — he leaves for work and she handles the chores.

That night, Hale goes to bed while Fernandez falls asleep in the living room. A fire breaks out, leaving the two scrambling to get out of the house. They stare at the house in disbelief before seeing each other. Rather than running to one another, they stare blankly at their home as it's engulfed in flames.

The burning is representative of their relationship — perhaps in hindsight, it will be exactly what they needed.

Despite being a music video, the nearly five-minute "We Don't Fight Anymore" feature is painfully quiet. Pearce even pauses the song to allow the silence to really set in.

Included on her upcoming fourth studio album, "We Don't Fight Anymore" feels deeply personal to Pearce, who went through a divorce and a recent breakup from Riley King. She asked Stapleton to be a part of the song after sliding into his wife Morgane's direct messages on Instagram.

Up next, Pearce will launch into a six-week trek with her Country Music Made Me Do It Tour. She currently has 12 dates scattered throughout October and November. The tour also comes with its own track: The Kentucky native recently released "Country Music Made Me Do It."

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