If Carly Pearce didn't just release the title track to her fourth studio album, she may want to reconsider. "Country Music Made Me Do It" is an artist statement if there ever was one.

A retro lyric video and fiddle-led intro pin this new song as more traditional than it is. The bass line is a bop comparable to so much of what Ashley Monroe has put on albums. Lyrically, "Country Music Made Me Do It" is a centered 21st century country approach that finds Pearce blaming her dad, thinking about cheating and getting whiskey drunk.

Yep, all of these themes existed 50 years ago, but they were not normalized for women. "That time that I changed my last name / That time that I changed it back ... Country music made me do it," she sings casually.

Pearce continues to take control of her story in a way that's empowering, but not intimidating. She's in charge, but not painting drama to prove it. Instead she's borrowing from her influences and sprinkling modern ideas with help from (in this case) Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally.

The timing of the release of "Country Music Made Me Do It" suggests it's not earmarked as a future radio single. "We Don't Fight Anymore" with Chris Stapleton is just outside of the Top 40 on airplay charts but climbing steadily, making this new one a way to promote a tour of the same name and whatever comes next.

Fans noticed the clock in the lyric video reads "CP 04," a nod to her fourth studio album. It could be she's building to a busy fall season that's likely to find her among CMA nominees.

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