Restless Road's latest single, "Growing Old With You," is a dedicated love song about starting a life with a partner, and the tune is inspiring some fans to follow through on the message of the song. With its sweet lyrics and sweeping production, it's unsurprising that the song would be used for special moments like weddings and engagements, and the trio tells Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul that some of those engagements are happening at their concerts.

"On our Bar Friends Tour, we had, I want to say, three or four different proposals happen during the show," the group, made up of Zach Beeken, Garret Nichols, and Colton Pack, shared. "We brought them on stage, and these guys dropped down on one knee in the middle of the show, and the whole crowd just goes crazy."

The band add that some of the proposals are planned, with the man often setting it up with the trio prior to the show. However, as they tell Paul, they have even witnessed a few surprise proposals in the crowd while they were playing the tune.

"A couple of them, we were just playing the song and the crowd started freaking out, and we were looking out and we see tears and we see that they just got engaged," they say. "We're like, 'Hold on, I'll stop the show. Come up here.'"

Restless Road has shared a few of the proposals on their social media accounts, and to accompany one video, the trio wrote, "If y’all keep proposing at our shows then Restless Road will get ordained."

The mid-show proposals certainly create a fun moment for the fans and the couple, but more than that, the band says they feel honored to be included in a moment that will be etched in the couple's memory forever.

"It's such a weird feeling because you're seeing someone's love story unfold in front of you, and it's a weird feeling because you watch them and you go, 'In a small way, we're a part of this,'" they share. "Our song has affected these people and it's part of their moment, and we did that."

The band, who met on the singing competition show The X Factor, are also working on new music that they say will "bring the fun energy."

"It's probably not going to be like 'Growing Old With You," they say. "It will probably be a lot of fun."

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