Rodney Atkins' new video for his current single 'He's Mine' follows the song's story line of fathers being proud to claim their sons, even if they run into trouble, because after all ... they're just following in pop's footsteps!

The father and son pairings are followed from the kids' early teen years well into becoming respectable and honorable young men who would make any father proud to say, "Yep ... he's mine!"

Atkins, who is a proud father to his own son Elijah, says the song struck a chord with him after he heard it, which is why he recorded it for his 'Take a Back Road' album. The tune, penned by Casey Beathard and Phil O'Donnell, is Atkins' second release from the album following the title track and multi-week No. 1 hit.

In the video's final clip, Atkins' real-life adoptive father, Allan, enters the shot, holding his singing son's guitar. He wraps his arm around Rodney's neck proudly as a split screen shows the third generation of Atkins -- little Elijah -- who is holding a fish on the riverbank.

Next month, Atkins will link up with the 2012 Country Throwdown Tour featuring Gary Allan, Josh Thompson, Sunny Sweeney and more. Click here for a full list of dates where the tour will be stopping.

Watch the Rodney Atkins 'He's Mine' Video

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