Roman Alexander adds a smoldering new layer to his song "Downtime" with a duet version of the track, featuring rising act Karley Scott Colllins.

In the original version of the song, Alexander and his love interest hit pause on the hectic outside world and focus in on each other.

"Whatcha say we lay low? / We can let today go out like a match," he sings in the chorus. "I know that we got all damn night / But I'm wishing I could slow down time..."

It's an intimate, sultry song, and the perfect template for a male-female duet — especially with an artist whose vocals are as smokey and emotive as Collins'.

"When I first heard Karley's voice, my jaw fell to the ground. I couldn't believe I had never heard of her before," Alexander says in a statement, while Collins adds that she knew the song would fit her voice as soon as she heard it.

"When I listened to the original version of the song, I loved it because it had a really soulful feel and sound, which is something I really gravitate towards," she explains. "I was really excited to see how we would sound together and to put my own fingerprint on the song — I really felt like I could add something to it since that soulful kind of melody comes naturally to me."

Collins also says that she'd never recorded a duet before and loved the process of collaborating, adding, "we laughed the whole time." For his part, Alexander says, she was a natural: The two artists worked together on ideas for the track, but Collins' vocal intuition resulted in a "natural and authentic" new perspective on the song.

"I honestly didn't have any critique, thoughts or suggestions," Alexander remembers. "I just let her put on the headphones, sing into the mic and just do what she does best. Not only does this give 'Downtime' another life, but it allows my fans to get to know her and her fans to get to know me."

The duet version of "Downtime" premieres exclusively on Taste of Country on Thursday (Sept. 28). Press play above to hear Alexander and Collins' new interpretation of the song.

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