It's been a difficult few months for Joey + Rory, but Rory Feek is still moving forward on a film project that is very dear to his heart.

Feek co-wrote and directed an independent film titled Josephine, which is based on real events. The film tells the story of a young wife whose husband is fighting for the Confederacy during the Civil War, who decides to pose as a man and enlist so she can look for him after she hasn't heard from him for an extended period of time.

"To say that I, and all of us who worked on this film are proud of it, is an understatement. Aaron and I had never written a film before … I’d never directed a film before … and most of us from Nashville that went to Virginia had never even been on a movie set before … let alone made a movie," Feek writes in his blog, This Life I Live. "Sometimes, not knowing what you don’t know is a blessing."

He continued to work on the film while his wife, Joey, underwent chemotherapy recently in Atlanta. He's also converted the milk barn at their farm into an editing room, where he and his production team have assembled a working edit of the film that they submitted to the Sundance Film Festival and the Nashville Film Festival.

"So what’s the future of the film? Well, honestly … I have no idea. [Producer/co-writer/actor] Aaron [Carnahan] and I will start taking meetings and sharing it with film and music industry folks and see where it will lead us," Feek shares. "Getting a movie into theaters so that the whole world can see it is nearly impossible for an independent film (most of them go straight to video, or less), but I’m a big dreamer, and Joey and I are living proof that amazing things can happen if you just believe and trust in His plan… things that you never dream of … that you never hoped for or ever even knew was possible." Check out the trailer for Josephine here.

Sadly, just 10 days after posting the blog entry about the film, the Feeks revealed that Joey's cancer has spread aggressively, and that they've decided to forgo any further medical treatment and instead spend time together, at home.

"We don’t have forever," Rory writes, "We’ve got right now."

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