It’s been a long journey for husband and wife duo Joey and Rory Feek as they navigate Joey’s ongoing battle with Stage IV cervical cancer, but spirits are high after an encouraging milestone was reached over the weekend. Joey finished her first round of chemotherapy!

Rory writes updates regularly in a family blog, This Life I Live, and says Joey got to “ring the bell” at her cancer treatment center in Chicago on Saturday (Oct. 3), a traditional celebratory rite of passage for patients finishing treatment.

“It’s a day my bride has been looking forward to since we got here in mid-August,” Feek writes. “Though we will continue to come back here for more, even stronger, chemo treatments that Joey will get in the coming months … all of her radiation treatments are completed, and that’s what Joey got to celebrate today. The smile, the tears and especially the joy on her face said it all.”

The family posted a touching video (above) of the joyful moment for fans, friends and family to experience, as well as the Feeks, over and over again.

“Our truck was already packed for the trip home … so as soon as the ceremony was over, we hit the road, and just got home to our farm here in Tennessee an hour or so ago,” Rory continues. “Joey and the baby are sleeping, and I’m sitting here in my easy chair … hitting play again and again … watching my sweet wife surrounded by angels with pom-poms and hugs cheering her on.”

Fans have been following the group’s journey since June 2014, when the couple announced the first detection of cancer. After undergoing surgery, Joey seemed to be doing well, but the cancer returned this year at a Stage IV level. The inspirational couple stay positive about the experience every step of the way, always noting their thankfulness for their daughter Indiana, who has Down syndrome, and the rest of their blessings.

The duo even performed together in August, bringing out Indiana briefly, who of course, stole the show. They're currently working on a record of hymns, a fulfillment of one of Joey's lifelong dreams. To keep up with the Feeks’ journey, visit their blog.

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