As quickly as they swept into the mainstream with their debut single, Rosehill duo Blake Myers and Mitch McBain are back with the new music video for the song, 'Dream It All Over Again.' In this video, a new couple lives the song's lyrics, which are about finding love and just trying to hold on so it doesn't walk away.

When the video starts, we see the Rosehill guys playing their song in a bar backlit by neon lights. Elsewhere, we get a view of two half-dressed people under the sheets in bed, but a few seconds in, the girl gets up and leaves while the guy drifts back into a dream.

When he wakes up and realizes she's missing, he's confused and can't manage to get their time together out of his head. From walks in the park to flirty moments on a hammock, laughing on the roof of a building, sipping wine and kissing, it's easy to tell the pair were falling for each other fast.

The majority of the new Rosehill video features shots back and forth from the bedroom to the band in the bar to the pair's day together, but by the end of the video, the flirtatious couple is in the same bar where the duo is playing 'Dream It All Over Again,' and kissing ferociously as if they don't notice the world around them.

Back in the bedroom scene one more time, we see the guy in bed still contemplating his loss, when suddenly, in walks the girl bringing him breakfast in bed. He breathes a high sigh of relief and pulls her down into the bed, and they act on their passion ... all over again.

Watch the Rosehill 'Dream It All Over Again' Video