Sandra Lynn is taking the party to the next level with 'Afterparty.' The country newcomer has just released the first single off her self-titled debut EP, and with an upbeat sound and lyrics as sweet as honey, it's the quintessential pop-country love song ... that somehow seems new and fresh in the current wave of country airplay.

While some of the most popular female country acts are currently belting out ballads about their strong faith or rocking out about kicking short-lived lovers to the curb, Lynn is taking a step back and drawing from a more simple and sweet sound that created some of our favorite country sweethearts. 'Afterparty' harkens back to the trademark sound that gave hits like Faith Hill's 'This Kiss' and Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me' instant country-pop crossover success, and Lynn certainly strikes the same chord with her timeless voice.

'Afterparty,' which was written by Lynn's producer, Ross Copperman, along with Nicolle Galyon and Jana Kramer, has a melody that's pure country-pop and lyrics that practically ooze with sentiment.

"So let the stars come down / And let the sweet songs play / let the confetti fall where it may / 'Cause I'm your best friend / Your wingman / Your soft place to fall / Your kiss at the front door / Your only last call."

And while the song itself may border on sticky-sweet, Lynn's on-point vocal performance adds an edge that pulls 'Afterparty' away from being too sentimental. Her voice is crisp and clear over a foundation of rocking drums and smooth guitars. Add an upbeat banjo melody threading in and out of the catchy chorus, and you've got a song that will quickly make this newcomer a household name.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Afterparty,' hits on all the best parts of a country love song that has even broader appeal. Now that Taylor Swift has gone full-on pop, Sandra Lynn, might just be the new country-pop darling.

Key Lyrics: "I'll be your disco / Your tailgate / Your champagne on ice / Your best drink / Your dirt road / For the rest of your life / Let's pull an all-nighter / Yeah just you and me / At the end of the day I will be / Your afterparty."

Did You Know? Lynn may be a newcomer when it comes to country radio, but the stunning singer is a veteran live performer. She's already taken the stage to open for some of country's biggest acts, including Kenny ChesneyCole SwindellScotty McCreery and Kenny Rogers.

Listen to Sandra Lynn, 'Afterparty'

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