Country newcomer Sandra Lynn splits her time between Los Angeles and Nashville these days, and her new single "Hey California" is a sunny nod to her home state. The lead single from her forthcoming full-length debut album due out later this year, "Hey California" blends a warmth reminiscent of the Beach Boys and the sass of Sheryl Crow for a memorable listen.

"Hey California" was co-written by Lynn and producer Dave Brainard (Brandy Clark), and the singer tells Taste of Country she wanted to pen a song that not only showcased her southern California roots, but also embodied her love of the Beach Boys.

"My parents always played the Beach Boys records when I was little and I remember 'Endless Summer,'" Lynn recalls with a big smile as she sits at a conference table at her publicity firm's office. "It was one of my favorites. I started singing the ooohs and he [Brainard] started playing these Beach Boys chords and there it was. I also feel like this one is an identity piece for me. It's one of the more playful songs on the record, for sure."

This playfulness can be heard in the "Hey California" lyrics and seen in the video, which was shot over two days in Los Angeles and directed by Brandon Hess and Tara Tucker. "Hey California, oh you're so sublime / Can I take a selfie with you, baby? / I want to show you off online / And I bet your kiss is like a fine wine / So I say it's okay to put your lips on me," she sings sweetly.

Taste of Country has the exclusive premiere of the "Hey California" video above. The ode to California vividly comes to life with Lynn and her on-screen love interest, actor Liam McNeil (Manchester by the Sea).

"I really enjoyed getting to share the spotlight with my home state of California. Our team had a blast running all over Los Angeles to film it," Lynn shares. "We really wanted to give fans and viewers a glimpse at the beautiful scenery of Southern California, hitting iconic spots like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Griffith Observatory, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the coast of Malibu.”

"Hey California" is just a hint of what's to come for the singer-songwriter. Lynn says she hopes her forthcoming project is one that speaks to women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Songs like the vulnerable "Diamond on My Hand" are a glimpse at what women talk about behind closed doors, while the nostalgic "Beyond the Age of Innocence" reflects on what happens when one loses their innocence.

Lynn co-wrote nine of the 12 songs on her record and says after years of spending time on the road opening for acts like Kenny Chesney, Cole Swindell, Kenny Rogers, and Jana Kramer, she decided it was time to hunker down in Nashville to focus on her writing, sharing that she dug deeper on this project than she's ever gone before in her writing.

"I think for any artist, your hope is to continue to see growth. At this time with this record, it's the result that we had hoped for. And I'm really proud of it," she concedes.

Sandra Lynn's "Hey California" is out now.

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