Sara Evans is a woman of strong opinions, and during her recent visit to Taste of Country Nights radio, she didn't hold back.

The "Marquee Sign" singer gave strong advice to host Sam Alex, who's expecting his first child in November. She also had some advice for the younger generation — school is just about to start, and her son Avery will be a senior in high school while husband Jay Barker's son is off to college.

"My advice is toughen up, work hard," Evans says. "Start taking responsibility for yourself. Stop being so offended."

"This generation really struggles with being tough," she adds. "People are so entitled they want things given to them. Nothing is promised to you."

In giving advice to new parents, Evans' approach is similarly tough-minded. "When the child is born, go home and just have it be you and your wife and the baby," she says. "I think all the stress can happen when in-laws and relatives all try to come in and help you. The best way to learn is to come home and do it yourself."

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The process is scary, but her experience as the mother of three kids (in addition to Barker's kids from a previous marriage) lead her to believe complicating the process can make it scarier. One of the few things she urged Alex to buy was a bassinet that stands next to his bed, as the baby will need to sleep there at first.

"You're supposed to put the child in their own room at six weeks," she says, adding that in her opinion, extending that stay is an absolute no-no. "I don't think your child should ever sleep with you."

As for her kids, careers in the music industry seem likely. Avery wants to pursue music, and her daughters have great voices. You'll hear 14-year-old Olivia on the lead single from Evans' new Words album. She sings the "oohs" and "ahhs" at the end.

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