Very few who've seen the controversial cover of this week's issue of Time Magazine walk away without an opinion, and country star Sara Evans is no different. She is one of two female vocalists outraged by the photo, which shows a three-year-old boy standing on a chair and breastfeeding from his mother.

"The Time Mag cover is ridiculous! What is wrong with people? My son saw that in a doc office!" Evans tweeted Monday morning. Singer Sarah Buxton quickly replied, echoeing that she shares the 'A Little Bit Stronger' singer's sentiment. "@saraevansmusic I could not agree more. Despicable," Buxton said.

The issue is focused on attachment parenting, a form of child-rearing that involves breastfeeding to an older age and co-sleeping. While this style is considered controversial and regularly sparks debate, it's the picture of the 26-year-old mother and her son that has passers-by upset.

The age of the little boy is not what's bothersome to some -- it's the argument that the magazine is showboating the family simply to boost sales and get people talking. Obviously, it worked. Others, who perhaps prefer a less attached parenting style, have expressed via various outlets on the web that they find the photo "gross" in general.

As for Evans, she seemed to be concerned that the picture is simply not family appropriate. The singer lives with husband Jay Barker and has seven children -- three of her own and four from Barker's previous relationship.