Shania Twain isn't the only country legend to release new music for the first time in years. 1990s country mainstays Sawyer Brown are also returning to radio with their first release since 2006. Mark Miller and an assortment of band members have been touring and staying active in the music world since they fell out of favor with fans. It's doubtful their new single 'Smokin' Hot Wife' will catapult them back into contention for the genre's most prestigious awards.

The three-minute song has a Caribbean feel, complete with steel drums and background "ooos" from a group of singers that are Beach Boy-esque. It's a unique package for Miller's honest, blue collar delivery. Musically 'Smokin' Hot Wife' is servicable, if not a little boring. Lyrically it's a page from the Cledus T. Judd songbook. The second verse tells the story and delivers the punchline.

'I ain't much to look at / So I don't know how / I ended up with the milk and the cow / We're off to Daytona / We're packed in tight / My kids and my friends and my smokin' hot wife," Miller sings. It's clever, but more roll-your-eyes funny than laugh-out-loud "honey, you have to hear this!" funny.

The chorus goes, "I got my toes in the sand, and iced tea in my hand and I'm livin' out the fantasy life / I look out at the ocean and yell for more lotion / From my chair at the beach by my smokin' hot wife." Overall the song is harmless, but not of the quality one would expect from a band with so much mantel hardware. One hopes this is merely an appetizer for a more nourishing album of new material.

Listen to Sawyer Brown, 'Smokin Hot Wife'