Can Scotty McCreery do it all? It sure seems that way.

The former 'American Idol' winner, who became the youngest male artist to top the Billboard 200  with his debut release 'Clear as Day,' somehow manages to balance two lives--one filled with concerts, interviews, autograph signings and television performances as a blossoming country star and the other filled with textbooks, tests, friends and studying as a normal college student at North Carolina State University.

It seems he can do it all well, too. “I made a 98 on my first math test,” McCreery told the Washington Post. “I was pumped about that because math is not one of my best things.”

McCreery lives in an off-campus apartment with friends in Raleigh, N.C., just minutes away from his childhood home. Monday through Wednesday, the 'Water Tower Town' singer is typically on campus, where he is taking 12 hours toward a degree in communications. The rest of the week, the 19-year-old is earning a solid education in country music through his career. He even manages to fit in intramural football on most Tuesdays.

“Going to [North Carolina State University], it gives me a chance to have a little bit of a home base, to have a little bit of normalcy — whatever normal is,” McCreery said. “I think it’s good for me as a person. I’m still figuring out what my normal is.”

When McCreery isn't on the road touring with Brad Paisley or taking classes, he's hard at work in the studio. His first Christmas album, 'Christmas with Scotty McCreery,' released this week, and the singer is in the process of selecting songs for his second album with producer Mark Bright.

“We’re still looking for songs because that’s what the second album is about for me,” McCreery said. “I’m going to be picking and choosing. Country music is about the songs."  Despite his massive popularity with fans and the success of his debut album, McCreery has a level head about his career and knows what his next album needs to accomplish. "This last year I’ve had sold-out shows, I’ve won awards and stuff, but I haven’t had that huge monster hit yet. That’s a song I really need to have.”